Gibberish #4

SORRY FOR NOT PUBLISHING AT 1PM. It was scheduled for 1PM but due to time shifting the system wanted to publish it at 2PM.

Okay, we are going from last week’s rant back to blog related things and… me? Anyway, welcome to Gibberish #4.

A few days ago I finished reading Hunt for the Last Wizard by Melanie Ifield. You will be able to read the review no sooner than May. I have so much old reviews to push out first and I want to stack the content so I do not run out and leave you disappointed when you come looking for you weekly post.

To tell you all the truth, I have not been feeling well lately (“Life is a bitch.” Proverbs 1:69), so having backup content is like a blessing for me at the moment.


That does not mean that you will be receiving low quality articles. I write those weekly and I am going to make sure my mood does not influence them.

About the articles, again, if any of you have any wishes on what you would like to read, please say so in the comments. It is not that I am running out of things to write about (duh) but I would like to write about things that interest you, readers (duh #2).

Enough time-wasting, as you can see I am pulling sentences out of my ass. See you all again on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1!

Transit umbra, lux permanet

– Viking

Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God – Brian Burt (OLD REVIEW)


There’s always light in the darkness. It may be hard to find, but you can’t stop looking just because you’ve grown accustomed to the gloom.

To be honest here, I did not expect the book to hit off like it did. The beginning was really nothing special, I found myself trying to accustom to the setting and the beings I was reading about. There is a bit too much information and detail at the beginning and you are not sure exactly who is who. This causes no problems later in the book, as soon as you catch the flow, you are ready to rock’n’roll.
If you are a fan of having many descriptions of the things you are reading about, then this is also a book for you. The author shows his descriptive skills right off the bat. Even if you find descriptions boring, do not turn away from this book. They are not over complicated. They are here to help you imagine the setting better because, just like the story, the world is immense. It is not just set in the ocean, but also on the land.
After you dive into what Mother Ocean has to offer you find an impressive story that just draws you in and does not let go until the very last page. The story is so immensely deep that you could easily make the book into a movie (if it were not for the fact that human-dolphin hybrids would be hard to recreate). It will take you through friendship, shame and death all while being wrapped up in a blanket of mystery.
You will develop a bond with the characters and will sympathize with them through their journey. Many bonds will be broken, but many will stay with you to the end of the book.
I have to thank the author, Brian Burt, for sending me a review copies of not only this book, but the second part as well. Thank you for inviting me into the vast Mother Ocean and showing me all the beauty it has to offer. I cannot wait to start reading the second part.

Book recommendation: 8/10

Book of the Dead


Book of the Dead‘ or ‘Book of Coming Forth by Day‘ (translation) is part of ancient Egyptian religion. It contains all the information that a soul of someone who has passed away needs in order to get through the trials and arrive to their afterlife.

The soul of the person who has passed away enters the Hall of Two Truths. There he meets the Egyptian god called Anubis. Anubis would be waiting with a scale. One side of the scale has an ostrich feather and the other side is for the heart of the person. If the feather weighed more than the heart when Anubis put it on the scale, it would prove that the person led a good life and was allowed to go to the afterlife. Interestingly enoug, most of the ancient Egyptians seemed to be optimists. They believed that everyone would pass the test.

The book itself is actually a collection of ‘magical’ speeches and prayers that would be used by the person that died.It is written mostly on papyrus paper, but some chapters of the book are also found on coffins, tomb walls and other funeral objects.

The Egyptian civilization lasted around 3,000 years. That led to different versions of the Book of The Dead. The spells created by the priests depended upon the importance of a certain god or goddess of that time.

Gibberish #3 (1 minute read)

It took me only 3 weeks to get to the first rant in Gibberish (yay!), so without further ado…

Has anyone of you ever stumbled upon (or searched) the #book in the Reader section of WordPress? If you have not yet, I strongly disadvise doing it. Why you ask? I would be more than happy to explain, so let us do just that, shall we?

First thing, have you noticed a change in today’s title? Noticed the text in brackets? Congratulations! You have just learned how to steer away from garbage articles/posts, from Millionaire’s Digest team. 70% of the tag(s) are filled with this crap and it is driving me up the wall. No, it is not going to make me want to read the post because you said it will take me only a minute (as if everyone reads at the same pace by the way). What it is going to do is make me ignore the post and turn 360° and walk back the same way cause I am an idiot and hate myself enough to go through this trash every single day.

Second thing, are articles like that paid for? If any of you, who are reading this, have any clue, please say so in the comments. I cannot possibly imagine how posts like that gather hundreds of likes in a matter of hours, I just cannot believe people are reading that garbage. Since the content is as fun as eating sand, I would say that the likes are probably bots.

“Oh come on, it cannot be that bad.” Well let us check an example:


This one sounds interesting. I could always use some tips on writing, so let us go ahead and see what he has to say. I mean, he will probably offer us some real, solid advice, will he not?


WRONG! Look at this trash. Getting AIDS is probably more fun than this. Back in my days we called these lessons “common sense”. And look at the comment and like section and it has only been 2 hours since he published these exclusive tips.

Millionaire’s Digest is cancer that should be shut down immediately. I would love to see more high quality articles instead of this crap. Oh, and if you as an author of a blog publish an article under their name for money, likes or whatever – you fail at life. I am not against making money with your blog, I would do that too. But if I ever publish a low quality article just to get paid then please, put a bullet through my head.

I think I proved my point, if any of you would like to hear more from me on this topic, feel free to say so.


To finish on a positive note, you will be getting an article on Wednesday about the Book of the Dead, so make sure to check in at 1PM UTC+1.

– Viking

100! Thank you!


I would have never believed I would be able to reach 100 followers in 2 weeks… This is incredible and I must thank each and every one of you, who decided to click that follow button. I will try my best to improve the content even more, so your experience with this blog will be as best as it can be. If any of you have any wishes on what you want me to write about, what kind of article you would like to see – please say so in the comments. I would love to write about stuff that interests you.

Do not forget to check back in on Monday at 1PM UTC+1, when I may or may not open a war front with one of the more popular but crappiest blogs on WordPress.

– Viking

At the Mountains of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft (OLD REVIEW)


This is going to be a very short review. There is nothing much to say here, sadly. I would like to state that I have and will defend H.P. Lovecraft as one of the best writers ever, but this book is definitely not up to his standard. I went into this book expecting to experience some real horror and mystery that would not let me put down the book. I got everything other than that.
There is just so much describing going on that you would think, in the first few pages, you are reading a geography book about the history of different kinds of rocks. You would think that he is just trying to set the scene so you can imagine the place better, but this just goes on throughout the whole book. Descriptions after descriptions, even the monsters could not escape the real horror here. It just ruined the whole story, because the story itself was really not that bad, but the realization was awful.
It is awfully tiring to read this book. If you are a fan of long descriptions of things that you do or do not care about, then this is most certainly a book for you. If not, stay away.

Book recommendation: 3/10


4 Literacy Facts


1. Children of parents with low literacy skills have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves. These children are more likely to get poor grades, display behavioral problems, have high absentee rates, repeat school years, or drop out.

2. Of adults with the lowest literacy levels, 43 percent live in poverty, and 70% of adult welfare recipients have low literacy levels. There is a clear correlation between more education and higher earnings, and between higher educational scores and higher earnings.

3. Seventy-five percent of state prison inmates did not complete high school or can be classified as low literate. Ninety-five percent of those incarcerated are reintegrated into our communities. Research shows that inmates who are educated are 43 percent less likely to return to prison.

4. An excess of $230 billion a year in health care costs is linked to low adult literacy. Nearly half of American adults have difficulty understanding and using health information. Lack of understanding impedes adults’ abilities to make appropriate health decisions and increases the likelihood that they’ll incur higher health costs.