The Candlestick Dragon – Melanie Ifield (OLD REVIEW)


“Sometimes not being where we are meant to be and being where we are not, is just the thing we are meant to be doing.” – Nilofar

Let us make it perfectly clear – this is NOT a book for kids. It is far more than that. If you want your kids to learn the real values of life, give them this book.
I can not remember the time I have last read a book so easy to read, a book that does not waste time and gets you straight into action from the very beginning. But this does not mean that it makes it a book that is only scratching the surface. The story has an immense depth, one that you are not familiar with at the very beginning, but as the story unfolds you can start connecting the dots. There is a huge back story to the story that you are reading, and everything is happening for a reason. It is not a book of violence. It is a book that teaches what respect, equality and friendship are. The obstacles that we are able to overcome, if only we put our faith and good heart into it. No matter what race or creature you are. On the other hand, it also deals with tougher subjects, like the loss of a friend and betrayal.

What surprised me the most was the amount of quotable sentences (like the one included at the beginning of this review). I found myself marking them, not knowing which one to use when I started to write this, because there are just so many that you can relate with in your life.

I must also thank the author, Melanie Ifield, for providing me with a review copy of this book. A book that I will now most certainly buy, with all the sequels. You have managed to restore my faith by showing me that there are still books out there, that do not need violence to teach important life lessons, and I thank you for that.

Book recommendation: 9/10


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