Gibberish #2


This perfectly describes my mood as I am writing this. Welcome to Gibberish #2.

Let me start off by saying – I lied. I am too much an emotional wreck at the moment to have finished The Haunting of Hill House as I promised (or rather said) last week. Instead of reading that, I started reading another book – Hunt for the Last Wizard by Melanie Ifield. You might remember the author from the first review posted here. This is the second part of the series and after reading the beginning I feel like I will be in for another good ride.

There is one other thing that I would like to mention. This blog gained over 20 followers in less than a week of activity. I know it is not much, but to gain that much in less than a week is a major achievement for me, so I must thank each and every one of you who clicked that follow button. For those of you reading this, feel free to do the same. I will not mind, I promise. Also major thanks to everyone who left a like on my blog posts. Each like helps me reach a broader audience, so do not be scared to hit that button.

To finish off, I had some work to do this week so you will not be getting a completely original article on Wednesday but rather an article with source linked to it. So if you are interested in reading through 4 Literacy Facts, make sure to check in on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1.

Oh and one more thing, follow my Facebook page, so you get a reminder when I post new stuff.

– Viking



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