Book of the Dead


Book of the Dead‘ or ‘Book of Coming Forth by Day‘ (translation) is part of ancient Egyptian religion. It contains all the information that a soul of someone who has passed away needs in order to get through the trials and arrive to their afterlife.

The soul of the person who has passed away enters the Hall of Two Truths. There he meets the Egyptian god called Anubis. Anubis would be waiting with a scale. One side of the scale has an ostrich feather and the other side is for the heart of the person. If the feather weighed more than the heart when Anubis put it on the scale, it would prove that the person led a good life and was allowed to go to the afterlife. Interestingly enoug, most of the ancient Egyptians seemed to be optimists. They believed that everyone would pass the test.

The book itself is actually a collection of ‘magical’ speeches and prayers that would be used by the person that died.It is written mostly on papyrus paper, but some chapters of the book are also found on coffins, tomb walls and other funeral objects.

The Egyptian civilization lasted around 3,000 years. That led to different versions of the Book of The Dead. The spells created by the priests depended upon the importance of a certain god or goddess of that time.


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