Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God – Brian Burt (OLD REVIEW)


There’s always light in the darkness. It may be hard to find, but you can’t stop looking just because you’ve grown accustomed to the gloom.

To be honest here, I did not expect the book to hit off like it did. The beginning was really nothing special, I found myself trying to accustom to the setting and the beings I was reading about. There is a bit too much information and detail at the beginning and you are not sure exactly who is who. This causes no problems later in the book, as soon as you catch the flow, you are ready to rock’n’roll.
If you are a fan of having many descriptions of the things you are reading about, then this is also a book for you. The author shows his descriptive skills right off the bat. Even if you find descriptions boring, do not turn away from this book. They are not over complicated. They are here to help you imagine the setting better because, just like the story, the world is immense. It is not just set in the ocean, but also on the land.
After you dive into what Mother Ocean has to offer you find an impressive story that just draws you in and does not let go until the very last page. The story is so immensely deep that you could easily make the book into a movie (if it were not for the fact that human-dolphin hybrids would be hard to recreate). It will take you through friendship, shame and death all while being wrapped up in a blanket of mystery.
You will develop a bond with the characters and will sympathize with them through their journey. Many bonds will be broken, but many will stay with you to the end of the book.
I have to thank the author, Brian Burt, for sending me a review copies of not only this book, but the second part as well. Thank you for inviting me into the vast Mother Ocean and showing me all the beauty it has to offer. I cannot wait to start reading the second part.

Book recommendation: 8/10


3 thoughts on “Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God – Brian Burt (OLD REVIEW)

  1. storybuss 25 Mar 2017 / 10:13 pm

    Hey, tell me if im writing my stories good enough. I love it when critics look at my work and give their.opinion. no one hasr realy harshly.looked at my stories 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • vikingreviewsblog 26 Mar 2017 / 8:49 am

      I am not really a “critic” but sure, I’ll take a look. You’ll find my opinion in the comments. 🙂


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