Gibberish #4

SORRY FOR NOT PUBLISHING AT 1PM. It was scheduled for 1PM but due to time shifting the system wanted to publish it at 2PM.

Okay, we are going from last week’s rant back to blog related things and… me? Anyway, welcome to Gibberish #4.

A few days ago I finished reading Hunt for the Last Wizard by Melanie Ifield. You will be able to read the review no sooner than May. I have so much old reviews to push out first and I want to stack the content so I do not run out and leave you disappointed when you come looking for you weekly post.

To tell you all the truth, I have not been feeling well lately (“Life is a bitch.” Proverbs 1:69), so having backup content is like a blessing for me at the moment.


That does not mean that you will be receiving low quality articles. I write those weekly and I am going to make sure my mood does not influence them.

About the articles, again, if any of you have any wishes on what you would like to read, please say so in the comments. It is not that I am running out of things to write about (duh) but I would like to write about things that interest you, readers (duh #2).

Enough time-wasting, as you can see I am pulling sentences out of my ass. See you all again on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1!

Transit umbra, lux permanet

– Viking


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