Blood Tide – Brian Burt (OLD REVIEW)


Opening your heart takes far more courage than battling your enemies.

One word that can describe the book – Amazing. This is the most action packed book I have read in years. If you think that you can compare it to the first part then you are highly mistaken.
This second part of the Aquarius Rising takes the whole story up a notch. It takes what the first book had to offer, but amplifies it immensely. It does not fool around, the action starts a few pages in, and it will just draw you in and make you want to turn page after page to see what happens next. If you think the first book had an awesome story then hang tight, this one will offer that and much more in each and every chapter. The climax of the book is so intense I found myself unable to put down the book.
Like in the previous part, chapters are divided in a sense that you are able to see the whole story from every angle. But that does not mean that you know everything. Far from that. You will need to connect some ties together too.
You are able to experience the story even more deeply because you know the setting already and you know your characters, the ones that made a bond with you in the first book. Like in the previous part, some bonds will be broken, and you will feel a void that cannot be quite filled. You will also see that the book offers many new characters so you should not go into the book thinking you know each and every one of them to their core.
I probably forgot to state a few important things but I will just let it be. I cannot say too much because I, as usual, do not want to ruin the book for other readers. But I can say this – read the book. There will be no time wasted here, you will like if not even love it.

Book recommendation: 9,5/10


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