Gibberish #5


I still have not read the Haunting of Hill House. Yay! On serious note, I am still feeling like shit, so I am really not into reading this kind of stuff at the moment. I need some books to put me in good mood so I decided to go back to the roots and read… *drum roll* Household Tales by Brothers Grimm!

I know the well-known tales from them (who does not, right?) and those are quite nice. Imagine my surprise when I read some quite scary ones. Hanging bodies, killing people and decapitating your children’s heads in a book that produced so many children tales? 10/10, would read to my children. No wonder our generations are so soulless, we were forced to listen to this kind of poop.

Jokes aside, it is a nice collection and I recommend it to all of those interested in tales. It is a classic for a reason.

Other than that, I have not been up to much this week, so I am cutting this one short. If you have any recommendations for any books that could put me in good mood, please leave a comment. I will appreciate it.

– Viking


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