Venessa’s Hope – Ty Findlay (OLD REVIEW)


The start of the book is very promising, we follow Venessa as she slowly unveils the dark secrets of her life and how she ended up as a high-class escort. Accompanying on this journey is Eric who is a successful businessman and got caught up in this emotional roller coaster because of his big mouth.
Then on the other hand, the characters are hard to relate to. You can feel sorry for Venessa at certain points in the book, but at the other points she just gets on your nerves with the classic “I need you with me because I am mentally unstable” kind of thing. I know full well that is how it is meant to be, to show how vulnerable she is,  but on the other hand it will just cause a headache reading about it in almost every chapter.
The story itself is, as stated before, fairly promising but it does not live up to the expectation. There is just so much more topics that could be explored here to make the book much more interesting. What certainly does not help is the fact that the book is unedited. A quote missing here and there can upset the reader’s rhythm because it leaves you wondering whether the person is still talking or if you have slept through half the page and did not see when the quote ended. You will also notice many repetitions of certain words or phrases which could have been simply left out and it would have sound 30% better instantly.
I do feel that there is some potential here and it being the first book to come from under the author’s pen it is quite solid. The idea, not the execution. There is a lot of room for improvement and I am certain we will see it in the author’s next work.
Big thanks to Ty Findlay for providing me with a review copy!

Book recommendation: 3/10


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