Gibberish #6

So lately I have been buying some books off of Kindle. While doing that, I was looking for some free ones, because you never know what kind of a deal you can strike. Now, everyone who is familiar with the Kindle store will probably feel my pain. I present to you…


Pages upon pages of word porn (?) and romantic garbage. The worst thing about it is that this crap is listed in all freaking categories. You want to read some history? Nope, have some wannabe 50 shades ripoff. Want to just browse through books in literature and fiction? No can do. How about you read some love stories instead?

This shit is not literature. It is rubbish and it should not exist. You cannot just write your horny thoughts (or a love story you are craving for) into a few pages and call it a book.

Yet again, though, I feel like an idiot, because somehow this garbage attracts readers. I just cannot comprehend the stupidity of some people, but I must say it is a great idea, if you want to make money. If you as an author, deem yourself low enough, to put your name next to that, that is.

And now all those who read this crap (all three of you) will jump up and yell: “Hey, how dare you?! These books have depth and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!”

Or do I? I have sacrificed myself, so you do not have to. I have read through a book that falls in either (if not all) of these categories. Now, because I do not want to bore you into reading too much in one go, I will substitute this week’s article with a new show called Rant Club. And I will use it every time I start ranting about something in Gibberish and want to prove my point in more than a couple of paragraphs.

Catch you all on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1.

– Viking


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