Gibberish #9

So I was in Czech Republic last week and I promised to talk about it in this week’s Gibberish, so here it is.


Apart from English, I study Geography too. So we went there for “field work” which basically translates to “let students waste money for no reason whatsoever”. So we went there and had some sightseeing and stuff like that. We visited České Budějovice, Plzeň, Prague, a huge amount of different castles, drank a lot of beer and almost ran into problems with the local police force.  It is safe to say we had a good time. I recommend visiting Czech Republic with all my heart. This was my second time and it surely will not be the last. If someone offered me the papers, to live there, I would sign them right now.

Enough talk, I will let the photos speak for themselves. See you all on Wednesday.




You can rent one of these bad boys, to drive around the city with it.

– Viking


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