Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Differences between the book and the movie


Welcome to part two! This movie does not have that much differences as the first, so I will only include the ones I feel have the most impact.

In the movie, we can see uncle Vernon installing bars on Harry’s window. This does not happen in the book. Uncle Vernon actually pays, to have bars installed.

When Ron manages to free Harry from his room, we see uncle Vernon trying to stop Harry from leaving, ending up falling out of the window. In the book however, it was not just uncle Vernon trying to hold back Harry, but the whole Dursley family.

Before this, Harry was locked inside his room and left starving for weeks. Or so the book says. The movie was nicer to Harry and he was only left starving for one night.

The scene where Harry is hanging out of the car and Ron has to help him inside is actually not in the book.

The spell backfiring at Ron, causing him to spit up slugs is present in both the movie and the book, but with a small twist. In the book illustration, we can see that Ron filled his bucket with slugs and the bucket is actually overflowing with them. He is also in his regular clothes, not in his robe. In the movie however, Ron does not spit up that many slugs and he is also wearing his robe.

In the events that follow, Hermione’s ears meet the word Mudblood. In the book, Hermione does not know what that word means and Ron explains it while throwing up slugs. In the movie, Hermione knows full well what the word means and does not need an explanation.

There is a picture of Dobby in the book at the start of chapter 2. Dobby there looks quite friendlier with a little bit of black hair on his head. He also has big eye lashes, making him look more like a female rather than a male. Dobby in the movie looks like he is starving, he is dirty and quite scared most of the time. In the colored version of this chapter, Dobby has blue eyes. The movie version depicts his eyes as green.

If you know of any difference I did not include, feel free to leave it in the comments!


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