Gibberish #12



Hey everyone! Those of you who follow me on Instagram already noticed that I came back from Italy and got some “exclusive content” before everyone else. For those of you not familiar with my Instagram account yet, click the image above. It will take you straight there. I post more photos there and you can basically see what I am doing or reading, without waiting for me to tell you in weekly Gibberish.

Today’s Gibberish is all about my trip to Italy. As with Prague, this trip was also organized by our faculty or rather our Geography department. As with Prague, we had to cover all the costs (going to kill myself if somebody mentions another trip again).

When you think of Italy, you think about visiting the major cities, like Milano or Venice for example. We, however, took a different approach and went on to visit smaller towns/cities. This was the most welcomed part of the trip for me personally, because I love peace and quiet and these towns offered that. Also, if you visit the unknown or rather, less known parts, you might even stumble upon a jewel or two. As we did.

Without wasting more words, here are the photos from the trip. Enjoy.

Chioggia-water-canal-boatsThis is the town of Chioggia. It is a small fishing town that has striking similarities with Venice. You could say a more quiet edition of those. I highly recommend that you visit it!

This is one of the many villas that we had a chance to visit. The fee for this one was 8€ and, to be honest, it was not exactly worth it. The outside design and the yard (the next set of photos) was really beautiful, but the inside was, aside from the frescos, rather boring.

Here is the yard of the villa, that I mentioned before. As you can see it is huge and even has a few lemon trees growing there. Aside from that it also has beautiful avenues with trees that offered much-needed shadow in the warm day.

I also really love the narrow streets that you can find basically in any town/city. This example is from the city of Vicenza. I forgot what the town with the fishing canal was called, but you can see, that this is something that is very common in Italy. Our last stop was in Padova, where we chose to enjoy the nice sunny weather with a Cuba Libre and a nice italian pizza.


6 thoughts on “Gibberish #12

  1. tatisreverie 23 May 2017 / 7:52 pm

    wow, so lovely!!! I recently visited Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice) and was blown away by all of it’s beauty. Especially the old streets, alleyways, and the charm of Venice. So beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • vikingreviewsblog 23 May 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Italy is beautiful, a bit expensive tho, if we are honest. But yeah, definitely a must see at least once in life.

      Liked by 1 person

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