Review Compilation #1


Something new. Once in a while, I will post reviews that do not make the cut in being published on their own. They are usually too short or too random(?). But I still believe, that you can get a good laugh out of them or they even stop you from investing in a bad book. Let us begin.

The Fruitcake: A Christmas in the South tale by Caren Rich


Kindle: Free


A humorous short story about the dreaded holiday classic. Retirement’s not what Robert expected. His wife feeds him twigs and is afraid of mailbox bombs. If that’s not enough a fruitcake shows up on his doorstep. Fruitcakes may be a Southern tradition, but it’s one Robert can do without. Find out how he deals with the holiday classic.


Let me start off by saying that I did not expect much from a free book from Kindle. But for some reason, this one had quite a good rating (at the moment of me writing this post now in May, the rating is 3.65 on Goodreads) so I thought I would give it a go. Awful mistake. The story is not funny and it just feels forced. If it is a short story, it needs to deliver the point quickly and it needs to deliver it with a bang. This book did none of that. Jokes were totally out-of-place and the beginning was quite cringy.

How it got such “good” ratings is beyond me. It just reeks of paid reviews.

Book recommendation: 1/5



Kindle: Free


An action-packed short read. James battles typhoon and treachery to find his fragrant haven. Only 3,500 words. Perfect if you like racy stories and have half an hour to fill. Contains adult themes.

It is a short read for sure; I even made it shorter for myself and didn’t even read through it. After being bombarded with f bombs in the first four pages, I decided to skip the rest of the story. I am not even kidding, in just four pages (mind you, those are 4 mobile Kindle pages) the word “fucking” is mentioned 5 times. It is like sitting at the bar and listening to a drunk guy who is telling a story that never happened and trying too hard to make others believe that it did. All topped off with bad vocabulary. And that right there is this story. What am I to think of an author, when a single word is repeated time and time again. It is not that it is a “bad word”, I do not care about that. Replace that word with whatever you like and I would still hate it. It is just the fact that I can not enjoy a piece of writing with that much repetition. Now you are all clawing at your screen and saying that kind of stuff would happen in real life and the author did nothing wrong by including those to create a certain atmosphere. I agree with that, but let us not forget that this is literature. And that right there does not allow you to be annoying and repeat same things over and over. Besides, I would really want to see someone say this much swear words in a matter of sentences. Even the good old Gordon Ramsay would seem like a wuss next to a man like that.

Sorry, but if this is a prelude to the actual book, I think I’m going to fucking skip that as well.

Book recommendation: 1/5



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