Gibberish #30


Jesus Christ, I have to stop scheduling posts before I am able to finish them. Anyway…

Hey everyone!

As most of you have noticed, the blog has a new “design”. I will try to keep it up to date from now on, which means that the header will always display something relevant to the time of the year. I hope you like it more than the blank space we had before.

I am UNAVAILABLE for NEW REVIEWS IN 2017. The schedule is full for every week until the end of the year. I am accepting requests for reviews in 2018, so if you would like your book to be reviewed amongst the first in the new year, I suggest you send me an email.

I probably forgot a bunch of things I wanted to talk about, but that is what happens when you do not schedule like you are supposed to. Sorry, blame it on Akon.

See you all tomorrow!Ā 


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