Gibberish #12



Hey everyone! Those of you who follow me on Instagram already noticed that I came back from Italy and got some “exclusive content” before everyone else. For those of you not familiar with my Instagram account yet, click the image above. It will take you straight there. I post more photos there and you can basically see what I am doing or reading, without waiting for me to tell you in weekly Gibberish.

Today’s Gibberish is all about my trip to Italy. As with Prague, this trip was also organized by our faculty or rather our Geography department. As with Prague, we had to cover all the costs (going to kill myself if somebody mentions another trip again).

When you think of Italy, you think about visiting the major cities, like Milano or Venice for example. We, however, took a different approach and went on to visit smaller towns/cities. This was the most welcomed part of the trip for me personally, because I love peace and quiet and these towns offered that. Also, if you visit the unknown or rather, less known parts, you might even stumble upon a jewel or two. As we did.

Without wasting more words, here are the photos from the trip. Enjoy.

Chioggia-water-canal-boatsThis is the town of Chioggia. It is a small fishing town that has striking similarities with Venice. You could say a more quiet edition of those. I highly recommend that you visit it!

This is one of the many villas that we had a chance to visit. The fee for this one was 8€ and, to be honest, it was not exactly worth it. The outside design and the yard (the next set of photos) was really beautiful, but the inside was, aside from the frescos, rather boring.

Here is the yard of the villa, that I mentioned before. As you can see it is huge and even has a few lemon trees growing there. Aside from that it also has beautiful avenues with trees that offered much-needed shadow in the warm day.

I also really love the narrow streets that you can find basically in any town/city. This example is from the city of Vicenza. I forgot what the town with the fishing canal was called, but you can see, that this is something that is very common in Italy. Our last stop was in Padova, where we chose to enjoy the nice sunny weather with a Cuba Libre and a nice italian pizza.

Gibberish #11


Some of you might have noticed the widget on the side already. For those of you who use Instagram, feel free to follow my page (you can also click the image above). I will try to post good photos, trivia, and of course, reminders for blog posts. From now on, you can reach me there as well. Just DM me a message and I will gladly answer it.

The Facebook page is still there and still alive, BUT (there is always a but) I am taking a break from Facebook. That basically means, that there are no updates / there and no new posts. You can still like the page, so you will know, or rather be up to date as soon as I return to Facebook.

This Gibberish was written prior to me departing for Italy. I have also managed to squeeze an article in my timeline, so you will be getting it on Wednesday, as usual.

As you all saw in the last few days, I will publish stuff even out of the timeline. I think that some stuff, like the mental health awareness week, is important and should be included regardless of the time or day. I will always strive to include what I feel is good content, so that this blog and we as people can continue to grow. Nobody minds some new information here and there, right? Especially if its helpful.

Also, if any of my fellow bloggers wants to do a collab, feel free to message me.

Enjoy the article on Wednesday, while I enjoy Italy. See you next week!

– Viking

Gibberish #10

Hey guys and girls (all three of you)!

First of all, welcome to Gibberish #10! This round number also signifies that it’s been 10 weeks since I started blogging. As you can see, we are nearing 200 followers on the blog and that is an immense following in such a short time. Thanks to everyone who decided to click that follow button!

In other news, I am leaving for Italy next week, which again means that there won’t really be a Gibberish and an article next week, but more of a combination of both. And the week after that, pictures from the trip, as you have seen it with my trip to Czech Republic (and actually liked them, thank you for that as well).

To finish off, as you are all aware from the “Currently reading” tab, I am reading Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume. I must thank the author already, for contacting me and offering me what seems to be a great read. More info in the review in couple of weeks or so.

As always, do not forget to check in tomorrow, for your weekly review.

– Viking

Gibberish #9

So I was in Czech Republic last week and I promised to talk about it in this week’s Gibberish, so here it is.


Apart from English, I study Geography too. So we went there for “field work” which basically translates to “let students waste money for no reason whatsoever”. So we went there and had some sightseeing and stuff like that. We visited České Budějovice, Plzeň, Prague, a huge amount of different castles, drank a lot of beer and almost ran into problems with the local police force.  It is safe to say we had a good time. I recommend visiting Czech Republic with all my heart. This was my second time and it surely will not be the last. If someone offered me the papers, to live there, I would sign them right now.

Enough talk, I will let the photos speak for themselves. See you all on Wednesday.




You can rent one of these bad boys, to drive around the city with it.

– Viking

Gibberish #8

Okay, I did not find any WiFi connection to post Gibberish on Monday, so you are getting one now. In other news, Czech Republic was a blast


But to return to our usual topics. I am considering moving the time frame in which the posts are published. I have checked the stats and most of you, who check out my site, come from USA. So I am thinking of changing it to something that might fit you all more. I am not sure yet.

My previous rant about reviews seemed to work. I must thank all the authors that responded and offered their books for free. Just as it is supposed to be. This whole situation is still a hell of a lot weird to me, so I am glad everything worked out. For the record, as this is the last time I will be talking about this, if you want me to read your book, buy it and do a review – I will not respond to your email. Call me a scumbag, I do not care.

That is all for today, I need to go catch some z’s since I came home from the trip yesterday at like midnight. As I promised, I will write about the trip, so that is what awaits you in the next week‘s Gibberish.

Do not forget to check in tomorrow, for your weekly book review.

– Viking

Gibberish #7

Because I messed up the scheduling and do not want to skip Gibberish, you are all getting it today. Yay.

I am going abroad next week so I will write all the stuff (for next week) probably today, so you guys will not miss a thing. I might wait out with Gibberish and report in from Prague. I will see how much time I will have. I will write something anyway and schedule it, just in case I will not have time on monday. I will definitely write a post related to the trip though.


I have received a few e-mails asking me for a review. I am always open for that, but do not expect me to buy your book and then review it. That is just not how this works. I do not have enough money to buy books from all of you. I will write this into the page description too and I hope it does the trick. I also hope you all understand this.

Anyways, see you soon, Prague


– Viking

Gibberish #6

So lately I have been buying some books off of Kindle. While doing that, I was looking for some free ones, because you never know what kind of a deal you can strike. Now, everyone who is familiar with the Kindle store will probably feel my pain. I present to you…


Pages upon pages of word porn (?) and romantic garbage. The worst thing about it is that this crap is listed in all freaking categories. You want to read some history? Nope, have some wannabe 50 shades ripoff. Want to just browse through books in literature and fiction? No can do. How about you read some love stories instead?

This shit is not literature. It is rubbish and it should not exist. You cannot just write your horny thoughts (or a love story you are craving for) into a few pages and call it a book.

Yet again, though, I feel like an idiot, because somehow this garbage attracts readers. I just cannot comprehend the stupidity of some people, but I must say it is a great idea, if you want to make money. If you as an author, deem yourself low enough, to put your name next to that, that is.

And now all those who read this crap (all three of you) will jump up and yell: “Hey, how dare you?! These books have depth and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!”

Or do I? I have sacrificed myself, so you do not have to. I have read through a book that falls in either (if not all) of these categories. Now, because I do not want to bore you into reading too much in one go, I will substitute this week’s article with a new show called Rant Club. And I will use it every time I start ranting about something in Gibberish and want to prove my point in more than a couple of paragraphs.

Catch you all on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1.

– Viking