Gibberish #36


Hey everyone!

As usual, I am very busy, so I do not have much time to respond to emails and such. So forgive me, if I do not answer back immediately. I do not even have the time, or the will, to read anything at the moment. If things do not change soon, I will, sadly, have to sink this ship.

In other news, it seems nobody figured out the riddles during the Halloween week, because nobody unlocked the post. This means either of two things:

  1. Riddles were written so bad that nobody managed to figure them out.
  2. Nobody gives a damn.

Probably a little bit of both. We will see what the future holds.


Gibberish #35


Hey everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed this Halloween week. The grand finale is coming tomorrow, but only to those of you, who managed to answer the questions and riddles that I left in my previous posts. If you would like to see this kind of stuff happen again some time, feel free to tell me so. I found it fun.

Until tomorrow.

Do or _____, there is no try.

PS: This clue might help you out.

Not everything has a straight answer. Sometimes, you have to turn the answers around.

Gibberish #34


Hey everyone!

So the winners of the giveaway have been announced, and my congratulations to both, again. As I mentioned in that post, I have another Giveaway planned. I can reveal it right now, and say that it will be a Christmas Giveaway. I will not go into more details, as there is still a lot of time until then.

Because a certain day in October is just around the corner (yes, I am talking about Halloween), the blog will receive an overhaul, and be themed appropriately for the week ahead. More about this tomorrow.

Gibberish #32


Hey everyone!

As I mentioned last week, I am currently working two jobs. That means I am quite short on time, so I had to set up a new schedule for myself. I will be writing the majority of posts during the weekends, as I just do not have enough time or will after work. All the reviews that I owe you guys are still coming up, do not worry.

Other than that, nothing much new to report. If something comes up, I will share it with you guys, as always.

Gibberish #30


Jesus Christ, I have to stop scheduling posts before I am able to finish them. Anyway…

Hey everyone!

As most of you have noticed, the blog has a new “design”. I will try to keep it up to date from now on, which means that the header will always display something relevant to the time of the year. I hope you like it more than the blank space we had before.

I am UNAVAILABLE for NEW REVIEWS IN 2017. The schedule is full for every week until the end of the year. I am accepting requests for reviews in 2018, so if you would like your book to be reviewed amongst the first in the new year, I suggest you send me an email.

I probably forgot a bunch of things I wanted to talk about, but that is what happens when you do not schedule like you are supposed to. Sorry, blame it on Akon.

See you all tomorrow! 

Gibberish #29


Hey everyone!

We are 7 followers away from hitting 1000! Because I believe we can make it today, I will not waste your time and bore you in this week’s Gibberish. Take the energy you would normally waste to read this, and use it to convince your friends to give me a follow. We can do it!

The giveaway starts as soon as 1000 hits. Details in the next post!

Gibberish #28


Guess who’s back, back again?

Hey everyone!

I am back, and ready to get this blog back on its path. That means Gibberish on Mondays, articles on Wednesdays and book reviews on Fridays. Now, I do have something ready for Tuesdays also, but I will leave that to be a secret for you until tomorrow.

I am still unavailable for reviews, and it will stay this way until I read through the few books that I still have sitting on my bookshelf. Because I release one review per week, I will only have a week or two left for new requests. This is because I have reserved December completely, and it will be Christmas/New year themed. So, if you are an author, and have a December themed book, you can contact me, as I still have a couple of spots opened. If you do not have a December themed book, but still want my review, then I suggest you check back again every Monday, because I will make an announcement when I am accepting requests again. Keep in mind that there are only a couple of spots left for that too.

I also want to publicly thank the person, who bought a book through my referral link on Book Depository. You rock! 

As I said, in order to keep things transparent, here is the screenshot. It will also appear in the donations tab, where you can also get more details on how it all works.


Speaking of Book Depository, I have a great story to share with you guys, but you will have to wait until Thursday for that. As you can see, this week is going to be full. Go big or go home, right? The problem is that I am writing this from home, so I am not exactly sure what that says about me.

We are also very near to hitting 1000 followers! As I said a couple of months back, the giveaway is already planned and ready to go. Please, share my blog with your friends, family, neighbours, your ex, and the cashier at your store. The sooner we reach 1000 followers, the sooner you will all have a chance to compete for an award.

All right, this is all for today. Feels good to be back.

See you all tomorrow.

– Viking