Book Depository: A Story


Hey everyone!

So, here is the story I wanted to share with you regarding Book Depository.

If I buy new books, it is from Book Depository. They usually have the lowest prices on the market with their constant discounts, plus free shipping worldwide. So it is a real no brainer. I followed the same path as I usually do, when I ordered E.K. Johnstone’s Ahsoka (Star Wars fan, do not judge me), only that this time it arrived a bit damaged. And with a bit I mean really minimum damage that probably happened during transport. But you know me, and how I love my books to be perfect, so I went and contacted the support. They wanted to offer me a 20% refund, which I politely declined, and just asked them to reconsider their packaging options (maybe use the bubble wrap envelopes). The books usually ship in a carton envelope, which offers them great protection, but if the book is small enough, it moves around. In the end the envelope damages the book that it is supposed to be protecting. Quite ironic, I know.

The assistant told me that even though they are always on the lookout for different types of packaging that they currently can not offer any other. She also said that she would direct my message, as I have requested, to the people calling the shots, just so they know about the issue. At that moment I thought that my job is done, and that it probably will not change a thing, but at least I tried. Boy was I wrong.

A couple of days later I went and ordered another book, this time it was Greg Rucka’s Smuggler’s Run (I do not feel any shame whatsoever, come fight me). I was in for a surprise when the book arrived.


It got here in a bubble wrap envelope. And not only that. It was in perfect condition.


Not only do they listen to the requests and complaints, but they also act accordingly. And that is why Book Depository will have my business until I die.

PS: If this inspired you to buy a book from them, please buy it from my referral link. You will not be charged with anything extra, but it will help me out. 


Crochet By Rine


Hey everyone!

Did you ever want to take a book with you on a trip, but was too afraid it will get damaged? Or maybe you are tired of wrapping your books like this:

Paper wrapped books

Well, Crochet By Rine has a simple solution for you. You can buy a very cheap, hand-made book pocket that will not only protect your book, but protect them with style!

Alright, I suck at advertising things, but it is all true. A couple of months ago I suggested @rinereads that she should try selling the stuff she makes, because she is great at it. She was crazy enough to consider it, and a couple of weeks later, the shop is up and running! You can get bookmarks, book pockets and even kindle pockets, for (in my opinion) very low, and most importantly, affordable prices.

This is a plea to all my followers. Please, check out her shop, and if you like something, buy it.

Some of you might be going on a rampage now, saying: “Why is he advertising this?! He probably got it for free, and now wants us to buy it!” Well, no. You can calm down. I told Katherine that I do not want anything in exchange for this, and I went and bought a pocket that I liked. You can even see that my purchase is currently the only one.


Please, do not let it stay that way.

I will advertise her shop weekly now, for a month or so, just to make sure that everyone had a chance to see it. If it does not work out, well hey, at least we tried. But it is you, my followers, that hold that power in the end.

The Dog Rescue Story


Okay, something different from what you are used to, but I want to get this out. Those of you, who follow my Instagram, already saw yesterday, that me and my dog managed to save another dog. I want to give more details about what was going on.

We were on our way home, from my dog’s regular walk, when I saw a Maltese bolting it over a 4 lane road. When he got to the half of the road, he was almost hit by a car. Thankfully, the driver was present enough and managed to stop just in time. I did not see anybody running after the dog, so I thought the owners do not even know that he escaped. He continued on his merry way and I decided to follow him at a distance first (so I do not scare him), and later went closer and closer. By the time my dog finally managed to get his attention, he was just about to pass another road. My dog is just over a year old and he is very energetic and will play with any dog. Thankfully, the Maltese took the bait and started playing with him, and by doing so, I was able to get him to a safer spot. I had a million thoughts going through my head, as to what to do next. I was searching the internet for the phone number of our local shelter, and at the same time keeping an eye on the dogs.

Now, only positive things started happening from that point forward. Firstly, nobody answered my phone call at the shelter. You might think that is a bad thing, but it actually turned out to be a money saver. If you call the shelter and they come to pick up the dog, the dog owners have to pay a fee to get him back. And it is not a low one either. Our shelter and the people there are awful, but I will not go into that. To continue the string of positive things, I saw an elderly couple with their dog, who is only 4 months old, and he got the Maltese’s attention. They did not even think for a second when I asked for their help, and the wife managed to lift the dog up. We were scared that he might bite strangers, but he was a real sweetheart. She saw that he actually had phone numbers engraved on his dog tag, so I was able to get into contact with the owner. Just as I thought, nobody was home, so they did not know that he escaped. The couple gladly accepted the role of babysitting the dog, while I ran to my flat to get a leash for him, so he does not escape again. I came back, put the leash on him and we waited for the owner, who eventually showed up.

For the record, I know why the dog escaped. While I had him on my leash, he was barking, marking and crying a bit. It hit me that he is not castrated, as I saw the same signs in my dog, before I eventually got him neutered. He probably picked up a scent of a female dog, and almost got himself killed trying to follow it.

This is my warning to all the dog owners out there. If you leave the dog alone, please put him inside your house. Especially, if the dog is not fixed. This story had a happy ending. Your dog may not be as lucky as this one. Please take good care of your little friends. There are millions of dogs in the world, but only one has you in his heart and vice versa.

No Review Friday


Hey everyone!

I ran out of time this week, so there will be no review today. I will try to make it up to you by posting two reviews next week.


Review Revision (July, 2017)

Here we go, a revision of the past month. As before, the short story is excluded in the average rating.


You’re Not Dead by Jason Garden

You’re Not Dead chronicles its Hero’s travels during his ten-month hospitalization, beginning with his viral meningoencephalitis, and ending with his struggle to regain his life and independence. Acerbic and illuminating, You’re Not Dead pulls the reader into the Hero’s lived experience, while peeling away the layers of politeness we often use when discussing disability. The Hero is brutally honest as he writes of his journey through the medical system. He speaks of overwhelming pessimism, of pronouncements from “on high” made with little knowledge of his condition or progress, and of being spoken at, rather than being spoken to. You’re Not Dead is both devastating and inspiring, highlighting the importance of perseverance in the face of profound adversity.

Book recommendation: 7,5/10

Bob and the Cyber-Llama by Joseph Caldara

Bob Halibut used to live your average life: he had a steady job at Porkburger. He had a decent apartment. And it was boring as all get-out. But then he inherited a grand fortune from his grandmother. After meeting a posh, cybernetic llama butler, he learns of his grandmother’s secret former life and embarks on a journey to the pyramids to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization. What he discovers will test his courage, as well as his swordsmanship skills. “Bob and the Cyber-Llama” is an exciting, laugh-out-loud, all-beef 12-pack of adventure fiction hot dogs. It’s a fantastic read for kids, adults, teens, super-intelligent chihuahuas, flying robots, and otherworldly alien deities alike.

Book recommendation: 10/10

The Adventures of JoJo Smith by Tony Leslie Duxbury

This a tongue-in-cheek fantasy tale about a young man who, through no fault of his own, is transported to a medieval world. Scared witless, all he wants is to be sent home. Considered harmless, he is ignored. Deciding to take things into his own hands, he hits on the idea of making a revolution to gain his ends. Recruiting some unlikely helpers, he forms a plan and puts it into action. Of course, things go wrong from the start, but they win through in the end.

Book recommendation: 7,5/10

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

The classic supernatural thriller by an author who helped define the genre

First published in 1959, Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill Househas been hailed as a perfect work of unnerving terror. It is the story of four seekers who arrive at a notoriously unfriendly pile called Hill House: Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of a “haunting”; Theodora, his lighthearted assistant; Eleanor, a friendless, fragile young woman well acquainted with poltergeists; and Luke, the future heir of Hill House. At first, their stay seems destined to be merely a spooky encounter with inexplicable phenomena. But Hill House is gathering its powers—and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.

Book recommendation: 9/10

At Horizon’s End by Chris Sarantopoulos

The Man Who Fed On Tears always knows whose time it is to pluck from the world of the living. His existence is one of a symbiosis between his need for the tears and woe he causes to those closest to the deceased, and the natural order of life and death to which he is bound. He never questions himself or his actions and has never made a mistake. Until now.

Stella is a four-year-old girl who misses her mommy and wants to see her again. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of loss, so when she sees close family members crying, she tries to stay cheerful and optimistic. After all, Mommy said they’d see each other again when the time comes At Horizon’s End. So if they’ll meet again, why is everyone crying?

Book recommendation: 5/5


Average rating for this month: 8,5


Hey everyone!

Thanks to the recommendation from Jason Garden I now have a Patreon page! This is just another way that you can use to send me donations or, as I said in the description, buy me a beer or two. The reward system is not final, I will probably change it soon, but I did not have much idea about what I should put in there. If any of you have any ideas or recommendations, please leave them in the comments. Only YOU know what exactly you want for the money you give, I cannot quite decide that in your name.

As always, nobody is forcing anybody to make donations. This is purely up to the good will of you, my readers. Hopefully this system will allow me to get this blog to the next level.

Thank you!