Gibberish #27


Happened again. Ah… But, I have some great news. I am only going to be occupied until the end of this week. That means we are going to be back on schedule from the next week forward. I will also try to convince everyone to buy some stuff, but let that remain a secret for now.

See you all soon!


Gibberish #26


Well, this is what happens when you schedule the wrong post, and it appears online without a text. Sorry to everyone, who did not get the content they came for.

Hey everyone!

I am still in the midst of exams, so as stated last week, there will be no new content this week either. My last exam is on September 11th (jet fuel can’t melt steel beams), and after that you will get everything and more.

See you soon!

Gibberish #25


Hey everyone!

I am so sorry, but I have so much work to do at the moment that I am unable to run the blog too. I have a few exams I need to finish, so I am basically behind books everyday, but not the nice ones. This means that there probably will not be any new content for a week or two. Sorry!

See you all soon!

The Dog Rescue Story


Okay, something different from what you are used to, but I want to get this out. Those of you, who follow my Instagram, already saw yesterday, that me and my dog managed to save another dog. I want to give more details about what was going on.

We were on our way home, from my dog’s regular walk, when I saw a Maltese bolting it over a 4 lane road. When he got to the half of the road, he was almost hit by a car. Thankfully, the driver was present enough and managed to stop just in time. I did not see anybody running after the dog, so I thought the owners do not even know that he escaped. He continued on his merry way and I decided to follow him at a distance first (so I do not scare him), and later went closer and closer. By the time my dog finally managed to get his attention, he was just about to pass another road. My dog is just over a year old and he is very energetic and will play with any dog. Thankfully, the Maltese took the bait and started playing with him, and by doing so, I was able to get him to a safer spot. I had a million thoughts going through my head, as to what to do next. I was searching the internet for the phone number of our local shelter, and at the same time keeping an eye on the dogs.

Now, only positive things started happening from that point forward. Firstly, nobody answered my phone call at the shelter. You might think that is a bad thing, but it actually turned out to be a money saver. If you call the shelter and they come to pick up the dog, the dog owners have to pay a fee to get him back. And it is not a low one either. Our shelter and the people there are awful, but I will not go into that. To continue the string of positive things, I saw an elderly couple with their dog, who is only 4 months old, and he got the Maltese’s attention. They did not even think for a second when I asked for their help, and the wife managed to lift the dog up. We were scared that he might bite strangers, but he was a real sweetheart. She saw that he actually had phone numbers engraved on his dog tag, so I was able to get into contact with the owner. Just as I thought, nobody was home, so they did not know that he escaped. The couple gladly accepted the role of babysitting the dog, while I ran to my flat to get a leash for him, so he does not escape again. I came back, put the leash on him and we waited for the owner, who eventually showed up.

For the record, I know why the dog escaped. While I had him on my leash, he was barking, marking and crying a bit. It hit me that he is not castrated, as I saw the same signs in my dog, before I eventually got him neutered. He probably picked up a scent of a female dog, and almost got himself killed trying to follow it.

This is my warning to all the dog owners out there. If you leave the dog alone, please put him inside your house. Especially, if the dog is not fixed. This story had a happy ending. Your dog may not be as lucky as this one. Please take good care of your little friends. There are millions of dogs in the world, but only one has you in his heart and vice versa.

Gibberish #24


Hey everyone!

I am going to make this one a short one. First off, for those of you wondering, I did not manage to do anything to improve the tablet. I am currently at a standstill with it, as I have no idea what else to try. I do not want to have a tablet and be able to read for only 30 minutes. I will probably trash it and buy a new one, as soon as I save up some money.

Secondly, I have exams coming up, so please excuse me if there is no new content when there should be. I am short on time at the moment, and I will do my best. Do not worry, after everything has passed, I will have a lot of time, and I will probably be able to write out so much content that the blog will be able to go on autopilot again.

As many of you might have seen already, I have made myself unavailable for reviews, and I feel like I need to explain why. I currently have to push out 6 reviews that I promised to the authors. I have also bought 4 new books during this time, and I want to read them, and not let them sit on the shelves. Altogether this means 10 book reviews, which is enough for two months. Once I have read everything, written the reviews and got everything scheduled, I will be accepting books again.

When I have more time, after the exams, I will try to come up with some new stuff to fill the gaps. I have a feeling that 3 posts per week is not enough for those of you who like my content. But then again, I might be wrong, so I would love to hear your opinion about it. If you would like me to write about something in particular, please also leave a comment.

That will be all for today.

– Viking

No Review Friday


Hey everyone!

I ran out of time this week, so there will be no review today. I will try to make it up to you by posting two reviews next week.


Jason Garden Interview


Hey everyone!

We are back with another review. This time you will get to read words from Jason Garden, author of You’re Not Dead. You can find my review here. Enjoy!


1. First of all, I must say congratulations on the wedding! We could say you got married fairly young, is this maybe a reflex? That you now consider some things more important than you used to?
Thank you! I knew from the second I saw her that it was going to happen, so the time between asking and the ceremony felt like an eternity. As for my age regarding marriage: it is less of a big deal when one realizes that I am two years younger than her. She is over 30 and is very much ready for that part of her life to start. I am honoured that I can be apart of it and am excited to see what happens next.
2. Could you tell the readers who you are? What got you to the point where you are at right now in life?
I am Jason Garden. I am a nerd, have a sick sense of humour, and I am possibly the worst person to allow to express opinions on all things. I was in the independent music scene for ten years as a drummer and have been on nine albums. I used to run a really bad record label and an equally bad studio. I worked in retail for too long, was a manager of a music store for a year, then everything changed. I contracted Viral Meningoencephalitis back in 2013 and it resulted in me being in a wheelchair. I have been working my ass off to get back what I was accustomed to for 25 years.
3. And after all that, you decided to write a book titled You’re Not Dead. How come you decided to write down what happened? You know, you could have made videos and whatnot, but you chose to write. Why?
A part of the why I wrote the book was for myself. As much as I was in hospital for ten months, I was only in hospital for ten months: a lot happened. That coupled with the fact that I died twice, I found myself a year after being discharged from institution wondering what happened and not entirely sure who I was anymore.
4. Have you at any time felt that you maybe made the wrong decision? Was there maybe a thought that you are not that good of a writer, or what people would think of the book?
Writing the book? Not once. Some of my advertising tactics? Hell yes.
I have dropped websites because I could no longer afford them ALWAYS after doing some huge promotion for that site. I have spent hundreds of dollars on copies of books for reviewers, contests, and family.
Do I wish I knew what I know now when release first happened? Clichéd, but of course. Do I regret the fact that I am tens of thousands in debt to tell my tale? I really don’t. There is always the chance that what I wrote inspired a person or someone could relate to it. Even if that doesn’t happen for 20 years, it will.
5. The book was released last year and it basically covers your recovering process. You mentioned that your biggest wish is to be able to walk again. Has something happened in the last year regarding that? Any progress that maybe you could share with us?
To say that is my BIGGEST wish is a bit presumptive: It implies that nothing ever changes. Is it still a goal? Fuck yes. Is there much to share there? Fuck no.
Now, when I say that, it is not to say there isn’t advancement. After the initial few changes that were spectacles and grand, every change for a while has been “quiet.” That is, to say, I notice changes (like being able to stand longer, advancements in health, things like that). To the average on-looker, it would appear that nothing has changed. Am I still working towards walking? Yes. For “interesting” updates, look into my blog at
6. Now, this is a book blog and I am sorry, but I have to return to the topic. Can we expect more books from you in the future? Maybe even books that are not necessarily connected to yourself?
I am working on a book right now, but I am only about 13,000 words in. I am writing a fiction, for once. I am very nervous about it, but I also REALLY like the tale. I just hope people do, as well.
7. Do you think that maybe there is not enough real stories, like yours, out there? Or do you maybe enjoy, for example, a fantasy novel more than one with a serious topic?
I think that showing a preference towards one or another is very subjective to the material. For my book, for instance, I tried to create an independent world from our own: A world self-contained. My reason to do so was to avoid having to describe situations and procedures that even I do not fully understand.
8. Most authors say that their books are their babies, which I totally agree with. But do you maybe have a favourite book that you enjoy and cherish even more than the one you wrote?
Two books come to mind that are very different from each other. The first is 1984 by George Orwell. It will forever be my favourite book. I just love how accurate it became and still remains.
The other book is jPod by Douglas Coupland. It’s about a bunch of people who work at a programming studio that focuses on video games. The book is funny and relatable.
9. Now, I want to give this question to each author, so you are getting it too: Let us say that you were given a magical pen. The first word you wrote down would immediately influence all people in the world. What would that word be? Why?
Loaded question. Just one word, eh? Probably “Remember.” I am half convinced that any sort of ignorance is due to forgetting the past. I am a huge fan of human history, especially in the realm of Religion and Politics.So many modern blunders seem to be a rehash of a mistake from the distant past. So many stupid things that people say are just from a disregard for situations that are just past. TO MAKE CLEAR: I am not excluding myself from this. The amount of times I will say something to my wife where she simply replies with “You’re going to say that again?” is embarrassing to admit.
10. I am sure people would like to know more about you, or maybe talk to you regarding the illness, maybe even for an advice. Where can people find you and contact you?
As I mentioned prior, my site is Yes, I chose that URL because of the irony of it. I do not see myself as a hero. I rarely ask for praise for doing the norm and, therefore, picked the name due to its irony. I feel as if I have slowed on the medical as of late, and have been focusing more on day-to-day stuff. I try to do a very off-topic on the last Sunday of every month to stretch my mind. I seem to talk a lot about music and things of that nature.
I also have a very sick sense of humour. Often, I laugh while I write about things of situations. Usually, I am the only person who finds the humour in anything I speak of.
FOR EXAMPLE: I am very VERY honoured that I was asked to take part in this line of questioning. Due to the surreal nature of it, though, I am howling my way through the questions.
I think that is how I have been able to survive all the situations that I have been through in my 27 years of life: I am amazed at the selfish actions made by those around me. I find my continued existence hilarious. The outlandish things that people complain about or draw attention to is so astonishing to me.
Thank you Jason!