Gibberish #19


Hey everyone!

Remember the awful professor? Well, he found some time to go through my term paper and denied it, of course. Did not see that one coming. He also called me a smartass, in between the lines, for trying to make my own displays. Welcome to our school system, everyone. I just hope the weather stays hot like it is, because that heart attack is just behind his fat ass.

Another thing, when I opened up the donations tab, I said I need to solve some issues out with Paypal, before you can all donate through there. Well, guess what? Nothing has been solved. The problem is that I created a new account, and then it keeps saying that the password is wrong, when I know for a fact that it is the correct one. So I contacted the support, and they did fuck all, they were of no help whatsoever. So that got me even more pissed, and I got a new email and made another account. Well, guess what, that one keeps saying that it is a wrong password too! So Paypal obviously has an issue, but they just act like nothing is wrong on their side. Therefore, Paypal will not be available for donations for quite some time, maybe even never, because I am pissed and do not want a bunch of charlatans to make % out of each donation.

The last thing I want to talk about is a bit more positive. Remember when I promised you all bookmarks? Well, I will probably get them printed this or the next month, I found a deal that is just right. So that means that I will probably open up a store tab, where you will be able to buy one (do not worry, they will be cheap). I will give away some too, but more on that when I actually have them all in my hand.

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– Viking


900fWell, this one took a lot longer than the previous ones, but still an unbelievable achievement. I have a giveaway planned for 1000, so spread the blog around and help me reach it as soon as possible!

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You’re Not Dead by Jason Garden


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You’re Not Dead chronicles its Hero’s travels during his ten-month hospitalization, beginning with his viral meningoencephalitis, and ending with his struggle to regain his life and independence. Acerbic and illuminating, You’re Not Dead pulls the reader into the Hero’s lived experience, while peeling away the layers of politeness we often use when discussing disability. The Hero is brutally honest as he writes of his journey through the medical system. He speaks of overwhelming pessimism, of pronouncements from “on high” made with little knowledge of his condition or progress, and of being spoken at, rather than being spoken to. You’re Not Dead is both devastating and inspiring, highlighting the importance of perseverance in the face of profound adversity.

This book tells the life story of the author, through the eyes of his character named Hero. It is a story that is written in the minds and hearts of people we usually tend to overlook.

It is a very simple read. There are no complex terms, no bullshitting around. Just descriptions of what we could name “life after death”. Do not expect it to be fueled with action and whatnot, because it is not. You may all now be thinking: “Well, that sounds boring.”. And maybe you are right, but it depends on where you stand in life, where your viewpoint lays. If you want to read this story because you do not have anything else to do, and want to shorten your free time with something, then this story will be a drag and nothing special. If you, however, want to read the story, because you want to know what is going on in the head of someone whose life changed in the flicker of the light, then this is a story for you.

Now, while the process and time-lapse is done well enough, I personally missed more dialog and humor. The author describes what he was told that happened, or how he met new friends, but there is no back story to that, no anecdotes. Well, there are some, but the author did not go into details, and just stated that as a fact, but I believe that something like that was needed to keep the reader from getting bored. There was some humor, do not get me wrong, but I felt like it needed more.

Same with the dialogs that I mentioned. The author keeps telling us, how others told him what happened, but never provides a dialog. I know that things like that are hard to remember, but as a reader I want to be engaged. I want to see the situation unravel in my own mind. There was not enough of this, but again, do not get me wrong, there was some, and that some was done brilliantly. For example, the point when that doctor told our Hero that he will never walk again. I wanted to punch her in the face so bad that you cannot even imagine. And knowing that it is actually a true story made me feel even angrier. A story like this needs as much emotion as we can get, and I feel like there was not enough of that.

Another great point was that we were able to see the struggle. Not just the physical struggle, but the mental struggle too. And I must take my hat off to the author, because there was not a single time in the book that he would pity himself for being in his situation. No matter the falls, he just held his head up high and did not just pass his obstacles but destroyed them. Proving everyone wrong along the way.

I will pick this book up again and again, whenever I feel like MY life is bad. If nothing else, the book title will always stay with me. You’re not dead, Hero. Thank you.

Book recommendation: 7,5/10

Best $5 Books (Classics Edition)


Hey everyone!

This is a list of five fiction classics that cost less than $5 each. I did not take my rating into the account, only the rating from Goodreads. I know there are many more, and maybe even better than the ones on the list. If you feel like you know one like that, please leave a comment. Let’s get to it.



Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide
US$3.98 with free shipping worldwide.

Rating: 4/5 (559,144 ratings by Goodreads)

HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics. ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.’ Considered one of Shakespeare’s most rich and enduring plays, the depiction of its hero Hamlet as he vows to avenge the murder of his father by his brother Claudius is both powerful and complex. As Hamlet tries to find out the truth of the situation, his troubled relationship with his mother comes to the fore, as do the paradoxes in his personality. A play of carefully crafted conflict and tragedy, Shakespeare’s intricate dialogue continues to fascinate audiences to this day.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide
US$3.97 with free shipping worldwide.

Rating: 4.01/5 (428,114 ratings by Goodreads)

In October 1843, Charles Dickens ― heavily in debt and obligated to his publisher ― began work on a book to help supplement his family’s meager income. That volume, A Christmas Carol, has long since become one of the most beloved stories in the English language. As much a part of the holiday season as holly, mistletoe, and evergreen wreaths, this perennial favorite continues to delight new readers and rekindle thoughts of charity and goodwill. With its characters exhibiting many qualities ― as well as failures ― often ascribed to Dickens himself, the imaginative and entertaining tale relates Ebenezer Scrooge’s eerie encounters with a series of spectral visitors. Journeying with them through Christmases past, present, and future, he is ultimately transformed from an arrogant, obstinate, and insensitive miser to a generous, warmhearted, and caring human being. Written by one of England’s greatest and most popular novelists, A Christmas Carol has come to epitomize the true meaning of Christmas.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine

Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide
US$3.93 with free shipping worldwide.

Rating: 3.86/5 (291,528 ratings by Goodreads)

When a turn-of-the-century scientist travels into the distant future in his time machine, he expects to find progress and superior people. But instead he discovers a world in decay.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide
US$3.98 with free shipping worldwide.

Rating:  3.79/5 (250,893 ratings by Goodreads)

‘All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil.’ After taking an elixir created in his laboratory, mild mannered Dr Jekyll is transformed into the cruel and despicable Mr Hyde. Although seemingly harmless at first, things soon descend into chaos and Jekyll quickly realises there is only one way to stop Hyde. Stevenson’s quintessential novella of the Victorian era epitomizes the conflict between psychology, science and religious morality, but is fundamentally a triumphant study of the duality of human nature.

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

Buy This Book from Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide
US$3.43 with free shipping worldwide.

Rating: 3.82/5 (241,794 ratings by Goodreads)

The Call of the Wild, considered by many London’s greatest novel, is a gripping tale of a heroic dog that, thrust into the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush, ultimately faces a choice between living in man’s world and returning to nature. Adventure and dog-story enthusiasts as well as students and devotees of American literature will find this classic work a thrilling, memorable reading experience.

Gibberish #18


Hey everyone!

As I said last week, I will dedicate this Gibberish to pictures from the charity concert that I, with help from others, organized. The concert was a huge success, we managed to get enough money to save four retirees from being thrown out of their homes. Not only that, we got even more money than we needed, so that will enable us to help even more people, week by week.


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Review Revision (June, 2017)

Something new! Yay!

At the end of each month, I will do a review revision. This means, that I will compile all the books I reviewed in the past month into one post. I will provide the links to their reviews, their ratings and the average rating for the whole month. I think this will help everyone out, so that you do not have to search through all the posts, to find this month’s reviews. When I will have more time, I will do these for all the past months.

I will exclude the Review Compilation #1, as it is not a standalone book review. I will also exclude The Man Behind the Bar in the average rating, because it is a short story that uses a different rating system.


The Man Behind The Bar by Chris Sarantopoulos

The past never really stays hidden or forgotten. Ben Stingler left his past for a quiet life, until a young man steps in his bar, and brings with him all the things Ben tried to put behind him five years ago. An overdue debt is back on the table.

Book recommendation: 5/5

Tombs: A Chronicle of Latter-Day Times of Earth by James Dorr

It had been a time when the world needed legends, those years so long past now. Because there was something else legends could offer, or so the Poet believed. He didn’t know quite what—ghouls were not skilled at imagination. Their world was a concrete one, one of stone and flesh. Struggle and survival. Survival predicated on others’ deaths. Far in the future, when our sun grows ever larger, scorching the earth. When seas become poisonous and men are needed to guard the crypts from the scavengers of the dead. A ghoul-poet will share stories of love and loss, death and resurrection. Tombs is a beautifully written examination of the human condition of life, love, and death, through the prism of a dystopian apocalypse.

Book recommendation: 6/10

Dreams of Heaven by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Savannah Watkins awakens to a horrific dream of losing her family in a tragic car accident, which causes her to vacillate between two lives…before and after the car accident. As she struggles between realities, Jesus Christ suddenly appears to offer her unorthodox guidance. He accompanies her to the grocery store and for walks on the beach while answering some of life’s toughest questions. His answers challenge her traditional beliefs and repeatedly emphasize there is no death.

Book recommendation: 9/10

Moonpies & Naugahyde: A Childhood Survived

Black & White Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Greyscale Drawing inspiration from her past as well as the ordeals of others, Melanie Thomason speaks for the child she once was and for those who have yet to find their voice. The poet knows that abuse in all of its forms leave scars, some are just not visible on the surface. While MOONPIES & NAUGAHYDE delves into emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, it is not about being a victim but rather about surviving the abuse and refusing to be defined by it. The poems coupled with the evocative artwork by Georgiann Carlson, create something to be experienced.

Book recommendation: 7/10


Average rating for this month: 7,3


Moonpies & Naugahyde: A Childhood Survived


buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery
Paperback: US$14.16 (free shipping)


Black & White Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Greyscale Drawing inspiration from her past as well as the ordeals of others, Melanie Thomason speaks for the child she once was and for those who have yet to find their voice. The poet knows that abuse in all of its forms leave scars, some are just not visible on the surface. While MOONPIES & NAUGAHYDE delves into emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, it is not about being a victim but rather about surviving the abuse and refusing to be defined by it. The poems coupled with the evocative artwork by Georgiann Carlson, create something to be experienced.

This book is a collection of poems written in free rhyme (and rhythm). That means that there are no complex structures behind it, so you do not need to know how to read it properly. Now, due to my studies, I know how to review poems with rhythm, figures of speech and all those things, so I did not really want to jump into something that I cannot review like I was taught to. However, the author convinced me to read through some sample poems, and just focus on what feelings they spark in me. So that is how she won this review.

Since I cannot discuss the meter and other technicalities, I will review the poems like they are a simple book, trying to tell a story.

First thing we notice is the dark theme. The author expressed her awful childhood through these poems, and I must give my respect for that. Some of these poems are not for the faint hearted, they might get you sad or angry. Maybe even both. It is definitely not a book that you would pick up and scroll through before your sleep. It is far from light reading.

So, we have this common theme running through the poems, but some poems have a different theme. Now, this would not be an issue, but after, for example, there are five poems with the same theme, then there is a cut and a new poem with a new theme appears. Right after that one, the previous theme continues. I felt like this really did break the flow. What should have been done here is, put these poems with the light theme at the beginning and at the end. The reason is, that you should start building from the light theme to the dark, reach the climax and then proceed back to light theme to offer the reader a catharsis. Otherwise, I as a reader feel really bad and there is a heavy burden on me at the end, and this affects me personally. It makes me not want to pick up the book again for some time, even if I liked it, because I do not want to go through this trip of emotions again.

I will not go into each poem and describe it, but to those of you who will buy the book, some poems are very good, for example Poetry, Where Evil Lives, Walking Dead and Spring. I strongly recommend that you check them out. These are the kind of poems that you would return to, they offer some solid advice or just push the right buttons on your emotions.

There is one more thing that I loved, the artwork next to each poem. It really brought the poems out and complimented them. But (there is always a but), I did not like it when the poems were played with. For example, the poem Love was written vertically instead of horizontally. Now, I know this offers a great artistic value, but it is a nightmare, if you are reading it on the phone, like I was. Artistic and simple is always the best option.

Because of all this (plus the fact that I could not relate to some poems and they left me numb, while others gave me a bit too much emotion) I am giving this one…

Book recommendation: 7/10