Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Differences between the book and the movie


Welcome to part two! This movie does not have that much differences as the first, so I will only include the ones I feel have the most impact.

In the movie, we can see uncle Vernon installing bars on Harry’s window. This does not happen in the book. Uncle Vernon actually pays, to have bars installed.

When Ron manages to free Harry from his room, we see uncle Vernon trying to stop Harry from leaving, ending up falling out of the window. In the book however, it was not just uncle Vernon trying to hold back Harry, but the whole Dursley family.

Before this, Harry was locked inside his room and left starving for weeks. Or so the book says. The movie was nicer to Harry and he was only left starving for one night.

The scene where Harry is hanging out of the car and Ron has to help him inside is actually not in the book.

The spell backfiring at Ron, causing him to spit up slugs is present in both the movie and the book, but with a small twist. In the book illustration, we can see that Ron filled his bucket with slugs and the bucket is actually overflowing with them. He is also in his regular clothes, not in his robe. In the movie however, Ron does not spit up that many slugs and he is also wearing his robe.

In the events that follow, Hermione’s ears meet the word Mudblood. In the book, Hermione does not know what that word means and Ron explains it while throwing up slugs. In the movie, Hermione knows full well what the word means and does not need an explanation.

There is a picture of Dobby in the book at the start of chapter 2. Dobby there looks quite friendlier with a little bit of black hair on his head. He also has big eye lashes, making him look more like a female rather than a male. Dobby in the movie looks like he is starving, he is dirty and quite scared most of the time. In the colored version of this chapter, Dobby has blue eyes. The movie version depicts his eyes as green.

If you know of any difference I did not include, feel free to leave it in the comments!



Absolutely amazing. This is the only description I have for you guys and girls. Thank you! Want to hear something even crazier? It has been ONLY 5 DAYS since I posted a thank you note for the (then) 200 followers. 5 DAYS. I believe this shows that you all like the direction in which this blog is heading and it gives me extra motivation to continue and bring you fresh and original content. With that said, I can, as a thank you, tell you that I will, in the near future, be publishing an interview with one of the authors (let the identity remain a mystery for now). That is something that I have never done or published before and I guarantee it will be an amazing read for all of you.

For the 300th time (see what I did there?)THANK YOU!

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Gibberish #11


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This Gibberish was written prior to me departing for Italy. I have also managed to squeeze an article in my timeline, so you will be getting it on Wednesday, as usual.

As you all saw in the last few days, I will publish stuff even out of the timeline. I think that some stuff, like the mental health awareness week, is important and should be included regardless of the time or day. I will always strive to include what I feel is good content, so that this blog and we as people can continue to grow. Nobody minds some new information here and there, right? Especially if its helpful.

Also, if any of my fellow bloggers wants to do a collab, feel free to message me.

Enjoy the article on Wednesday, while I enjoy Italy. See you next week!

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Let’s talk about Depression.

Here is a testimony about depression from a fellow blogger. Read it. It might help you or somebody you know.

This is the last reblog about this, I do not want to bore you and be the cause of bad mood.

The Tattooed Book Geek


It’s mental health awareness week in the UK and national mental health month in the US. Due to that, I thought I’d write something a bit more personal for once. Forgoing the book reviews and memes in favour of this rambling nonsense! Yes, it’s a book blog and I’m fully aware that this isn’t a book related post, but as I already post poetry on the blog, well, to paraphrase the brat saying ‘I’m an only child, I can do what I want’ I offer you this ‘it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want‘.

Let’s start with an introduction. Hi, I’m The Tattooed Book Geek, but that’s only my blog name. I’m actually called Drew and I’ve suffered from depression, yeah that dreaded ‘D‘ word with the stigma attached to it. While I’ve never attempted it, in the past I have thought about…

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Let’s talk about mental health.

My first reblog but a very important one! Do not be afraid to share how you feel with those around you. Your mental health is the single most important thing in your life, do not ignore it.

Let’s talk about crying for no reason in the middle of the day. Let’s talk about going to bed at 8pm to try and sleep through the empty feelings. Let’s talk about making up a story just so you have an excuse to text a friend when you feel low because you can’t just say I’m sad. Let’s talk about that black raincloud that you just can’t shake.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – the one week every year that we are encouraged to talk about these things. But 7 days just isn’t enough, not by a long shot.

Nearly two-thirds of people have admitted to having some sort of mental health problem, yet still it’s such a taboo subject. You can’t just ask someone how their mental health is, the way you’d ask about a cold. You can’t bring your own mental health up in the middle of…

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High School Dance (How to Raise a Good Kid #2) – Starbuck O’Dwyer



Kindle: $3.65
Paperback: $11.99


This book is the culmination of a project that began shortly after my wife and I welcomed our son to the world. Like most first-time fathers, I felt a new and profound sense of responsibility and immediately became determined to pass along every lesson I believed was important… First, I made a list of the events of my childhood that taught me the most, the ones that made the biggest impressions, both good and bad. This exercise forced me to revisit many harrowing experiences such as batting zero in little league baseball, my chronic addiction to a blanket, my disastrously unsuccessful try-out for the role of Winthrop in The Music Man, and the time I mooned the entire sixth grade. I wanted to let my son know whatever hardship he might face; his father had already been there, learned something of value and survived.


So, you have read the first book? Well if you have not yet, then be sure to check out the first part – How to Raise a Good Kid. Is the second one worth the read? Let us cover a few points and we will see where it stands.
To start off, in its core, it is nowhere near the first book. While the first book was filled with humor right off the first page, this one is not. It has occasional funny moments, but is not nearly as humorous as the first book. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows author’s mental growth and development between writing the first and the second book. And the pick of the stories shows that too.
Stories are basically as good as before, only a bit more serious and a bit more “grown up”. They still bring up values with which each individual should grow, so that is still present and still as good as before. You can find yourself in some of the stories and the book reaches to you in an improved way compared to the first one. In that sense, author nailed it and this is definitely a book for every child to read.
I am giving it 7 out of 10, just because of the lack of humor. I know it is hard to keep writing book after book and make it funny each and every time, but I have met this author through the first book in a comedian way, so to lose that feeling in the second book is kind of a let down.

Book recommendation: 7/10


The review published today is also the first “new” review. Which means, I ran out of the old material, from my previous blog journey and what you will get from now on is absolutely new and fresh material. I have also changed the concept. From now on, you will be able to see the price of the books, short descriptions from the authors and my personal reviews. The price images will be clickable. That means you will be taken to the Amazon site of the book. As a result, everything will be just a click away from now on, instead of googling the book.

As always, I will be looking forward to your feedback (good or bad) that you can freely leave in the comments.


– Viking