Hunt for the Last Wizard (Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard Quartet #2) – Melanie Ifield


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In the second book of the ‘Chronicles of Novarmere: Dark Wizard Series’, Daniel faces more sorcery, even more danger and magical forces than ever before as the sirens of the Glass Sea attempt to drag him into a watery grave. With angry dragons and hungry goblins who would like nothing more than to eat the companions alive, travel in the Land of Novarmere is not for the faint-hearted!
What else will happen as the companions journey north on the hunt for the last wizard of Novarmere?


If you start to see betrayal in everyone you meet, soon you will be unable to spend any time in the company of others. You’ll be confined by your own suspicions. – Nilofar

The first word to come to mind – Amazing. I loved the first book, but this one took it to another level. I truly believed that if someone were to make a movie out of this, it would be at least as successful as Narnia.

The book starts off with a revision on what happened in the previous book. Now to be honest here, this was not done well. It was more complex than it should be. Instead of trying to connect it in the story, the author should have just made a paragraph in a style of “previously on”.  I remembered what went on in the first book even though it has been some time since I have read it. So if someone was to jump into this one immediately after the first, it would bore him out and make him skip a few pages, and nobody wants to do that (unless you are reading centuries old books for your school project, you are excused to do that then).

The story picks up where it left off. Our little protagonist Daniel is still trapped in Novarmere and his brave heart is still there to assist his friends on the new adventure. Following the events in the previous book, the search is on to find their friend and last wizard, Poe. Nilofar, the little dragon, that we also met in the first book and grew fond of, is still present and still flapping his wings and puffing smoke. We do however meet a few new characters, that still need to earn our trust. After the turn of events in the first book, we just do not like to give it away as easily. You will meet a fewer selection of new characters and creatures, which is not a bad thing. The author took a step back and gave us just enough material for us to comprehend and remember. It is a good way to make us care for and cherish every single character in the book.

As we are used to by now, action and mystery is just around the corner in Novarmere. Our friends have to fight to stay alive and so does our protagonist, Daniel. There is a sense of maturity kicking in, because for the first time in his life, he has to know how to handle himself and how to protect others. So we can account for character growth throughout the book (and probably even series). The book teaches us that we should go over and beyond for our friends and never give up, no matter what danger crosses our path. You never know, your friends might have to do the same for you one day (write this down somewhere, probably the smartest sentences to come from under my fingers).

If we compare it to the first book in a sense of quotable lines, you will not find that many in this one. This book, compared to the previous one, is a bit more serious. They are searching for their friend after all and with so much going on, there really is no time to be a philosopher. You will find some tho and those are more than enough to get you through.

I loved the book and I am off to buy the next part.

Book recommendation: 9/10


No Good Son – J.L. Vaughan (OLD REVIEW)


If you are looking for action in a book then you need to read this one. The author managed to squeeze so much action packed events and character development into such a short book that I must applaud him for that. Amazing.
The story picks up right off the bat, you are thrown into an event already planned and unfolding right in front of your eyes. You get to know the characters and get into the flow of who they are and what they do. You might find yourself cheering for them a couple of pages in although you may feel that what they are doing is not right. Later the story slows down, but not to the extent of it getting boring. It is written like life itself. You may have some events in life where you think that life is just passing you at insane speeds and at other times you just feel like time is dragging like chocolate candy filled with caramel. The author knew when to speed up the pace and when to slow it down, so the flow of the story is actually changing but not losing the quality of the story.
The characters at the start feel like they are molded already and there will not be any changes made to them. Wrong. As the story unfolds the characters develop immensely which is, again, hard to achieve in such a short book. Especially subdued to the change is the main protagonist Mike. His personality changes as his life goes up and down like a roller coaster.
While I do feel that just maybe the book could use a couple of pages more, just to extend the story and get a bit more detail into it, there is no stopping me on giving this one a high rating.
Big thanks to the author for sending me a review copy of the book. I am looking forward to the next books.

Book recommendation: 8/10


Rant Club #1


To continue my rant from Monday, I have decided to read a random book, just to prove my point. I went to the Kindle store and chose between books with 4 starts or up. I went for the shortest one I could find (duh). To up it all up a notch, so you do not say that I chose the worst one, this book was written by a USA today bestselling author. So without further ado – Hush: Part 1 by Amanda Maxlyn.

So let us start from the beginning. We are placed in the middle of our protagonist, Emma, getting fired. Which is the dumbest thing ever, as you would think that she had some glamorous job and can not believe she just got fired. Nope, she worked as a waitress and even sucked at it. So no, nobody will feel compassion for her, even though the author probably wanted us to.

The story goes on, she returns home, where she lives with her sister Brooke and her friend Ali. After the conversation on her getting fired, they manage to convince her to go to a party. Now, we are already at 30% of the book. As you can see, you can easily skip all 30%, because you will not miss a god damn thing.

As you would expect, they go to the party and she meets a guy. Big fucking surprise, huh? Wait, it gets worse. The freaking sexy or whatever talk you want to call it is so cringy, it is indescribable. “His brown hair is windblown, his face freshly shaven, and when he gives me a full-on grin I almost buckle at the knees. Fuck. He has dimples.” Feel like throwing up? I certainly do. Oh my god, look at him, he has dimples! c3e

Now imagine this, he says that he broke up with his girlfriend today. The next minute they are both kissing on the balcony. I mean, this is so unrealistic that it is retarded. Then some more conversation and random events that nobody gives two shits about. And as soon as we hit the 65% of the book, we finally get to read some action! Now, this is written as you would expect it to be. Imagine yourself in a room with someone of opposite sex and there is some kissing and finger action involved. There you go, that is it. That is all that happens. Or does it?

Plot twist! In the middle of, what I would call foreplay, Trey (the guy) decides to book it. He knows why but Emma does not. No, it has nothing to do with hygiene of Emma’s private parts. As you would think, Emma can not believe it, so she just ends up going home. Waking up the next morning, she finds out that her sister broke up with her boyfriend, but he is coming over to visit today anyway. Now you can all probably see where this is going. The bell rings, Emma opens the door and… *drum roll* Tray stands in front of her.

And this is all that happens. In a book written by a bestselling author. If we go to technicalities. The book is poorly written, events that have no connection to the main plot or any kind of sub-plot are there just to stack up the pages. That being said, you can easily throw away half of the book. The other half has a “story” or rather beginning of one. Now I know this is book one, but who in their right mind would even want to read the second part. Word of advice to all you writers out there. This should be like porn. You do not return to watch the second part after you do your thing. So stop writing series of this crap. If we go forward, character development is non-existent. We do not even know any history of the characters. We do not even know why Emma suddenly decides to fuck a guy she met 5 minutes ago (she is not like that, according to her sister and Ali). We do not know anything.

The only thing I do know is that this book sucks. And the erotic part that everyone craves for is what ANYBODY could write by using their dirty mind. So if any of you want to become a bestselling author, you now know what to do.