You’re Not Dead by Jason Garden


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You’re Not Dead chronicles its Hero’s travels during his ten-month hospitalization, beginning with his viral meningoencephalitis, and ending with his struggle to regain his life and independence. Acerbic and illuminating, You’re Not Dead pulls the reader into the Hero’s lived experience, while peeling away the layers of politeness we often use when discussing disability. The Hero is brutally honest as he writes of his journey through the medical system. He speaks of overwhelming pessimism, of pronouncements from “on high” made with little knowledge of his condition or progress, and of being spoken at, rather than being spoken to. You’re Not Dead is both devastating and inspiring, highlighting the importance of perseverance in the face of profound adversity.

This book tells the life story of the author, through the eyes of his character named Hero. It is a story that is written in the minds and hearts of people we usually tend to overlook.

It is a very simple read. There are no complex terms, no bullshitting around. Just descriptions of what we could name “life after death”. Do not expect it to be fueled with action and whatnot, because it is not. You may all now be thinking: “Well, that sounds boring.”. And maybe you are right, but it depends on where you stand in life, where your viewpoint lays. If you want to read this story because you do not have anything else to do, and want to shorten your free time with something, then this story will be a drag and nothing special. If you, however, want to read the story, because you want to know what is going on in the head of someone whose life changed in the flicker of the light, then this is a story for you.

Now, while the process and time-lapse is done well enough, I personally missed more dialog and humor. The author describes what he was told that happened, or how he met new friends, but there is no back story to that, no anecdotes. Well, there are some, but the author did not go into details, and just stated that as a fact, but I believe that something like that was needed to keep the reader from getting bored. There was some humor, do not get me wrong, but I felt like it needed more.

Same with the dialogs that I mentioned. The author keeps telling us, how others told him what happened, but never provides a dialog. I know that things like that are hard to remember, but as a reader I want to be engaged. I want to see the situation unravel in my own mind. There was not enough of this, but again, do not get me wrong, there was some, and that some was done brilliantly. For example, the point when that doctor told our Hero that he will never walk again. I wanted to punch her in the face so bad that you cannot even imagine. And knowing that it is actually a true story made me feel even angrier. A story like this needs as much emotion as we can get, and I feel like there was not enough of that.

Another great point was that we were able to see the struggle. Not just the physical struggle, but the mental struggle too. And I must take my hat off to the author, because there was not a single time in the book that he would pity himself for being in his situation. No matter the falls, he just held his head up high and did not just pass his obstacles but destroyed them. Proving everyone wrong along the way.

I will pick this book up again and again, whenever I feel like MY life is bad. If nothing else, the book title will always stay with me. You’re not dead, Hero. Thank you.

Book recommendation: 7,5/10


The Monsters.


This right here is the best gift I can ever receive. There is not enough money in the world that could outweigh the feeling of helping someone and making someone happy. I want to continue that and share her blog with you guys. Go there and show her some love! We have been talking for the past few days and she is for sure one of the most down to earth people you will ever have a chance to meet/read.

The Pointless Life.

Monsters are real…

The scariest monsters that exist are the ones that lurk within our souls. They live inside all of us, and sometimes- they win. The strongest of people are the ones that have a command over their monsters.

I put this topic off a really long time and felt like there is no reason to blog about it. But the ”behind” story of this kept lingering around my brain and I had to get it out somehow. Because, all it gave me was many sleepless nights.

The truth is, I have seen this ”monster”. I have felt its presence. I have been touched by it. And eventually, it killed me. Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. The world is full of monsters with friendly faces.

Every monster you have met or will ever meet was once a…

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Gibberish #11


Some of you might have noticed the widget on the side already. For those of you who use Instagram, feel free to follow my page (you can also click the image above). I will try to post good photos, trivia, and of course, reminders for blog posts. From now on, you can reach me there as well. Just DM me a message and I will gladly answer it.

The Facebook page is still there and still alive, BUT (there is always a but) I am taking a break from Facebook. That basically means, that there are no updates / there and no new posts. You can still like the page, so you will know, or rather be up to date as soon as I return to Facebook.

This Gibberish was written prior to me departing for Italy. I have also managed to squeeze an article in my timeline, so you will be getting it on Wednesday, as usual.

As you all saw in the last few days, I will publish stuff even out of the timeline. I think that some stuff, like the mental health awareness week, is important and should be included regardless of the time or day. I will always strive to include what I feel is good content, so that this blog and we as people can continue to grow. Nobody minds some new information here and there, right? Especially if its helpful.

Also, if any of my fellow bloggers wants to do a collab, feel free to message me.

Enjoy the article on Wednesday, while I enjoy Italy. See you next week!

– Viking

Let’s talk about Depression.

Here is a testimony about depression from a fellow blogger. Read it. It might help you or somebody you know.

This is the last reblog about this, I do not want to bore you and be the cause of bad mood.

The Tattooed Book Geek


It’s mental health awareness week in the UK and national mental health month in the US. Due to that, I thought I’d write something a bit more personal for once. Forgoing the book reviews and memes in favour of this rambling nonsense! Yes, it’s a book blog and I’m fully aware that this isn’t a book related post, but as I already post poetry on the blog, well, to paraphrase the brat saying ‘I’m an only child, I can do what I want’ I offer you this ‘it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want‘.

Let’s start with an introduction. Hi, I’m The Tattooed Book Geek, but that’s only my blog name. I’m actually called Drew and I’ve suffered from depression, yeah that dreaded ‘D‘ word with the stigma attached to it. While I’ve never attempted it, in the past I have thought about…

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Let’s talk about mental health.

My first reblog but a very important one! Do not be afraid to share how you feel with those around you. Your mental health is the single most important thing in your life, do not ignore it.

Let’s talk about crying for no reason in the middle of the day. Let’s talk about going to bed at 8pm to try and sleep through the empty feelings. Let’s talk about making up a story just so you have an excuse to text a friend when you feel low because you can’t just say I’m sad. Let’s talk about that black raincloud that you just can’t shake.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week – the one week every year that we are encouraged to talk about these things. But 7 days just isn’t enough, not by a long shot.

Nearly two-thirds of people have admitted to having some sort of mental health problem, yet still it’s such a taboo subject. You can’t just ask someone how their mental health is, the way you’d ask about a cold. You can’t bring your own mental health up in the middle of…

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