The Monsters.


This right here is the best gift I can ever receive. There is not enough money in the world that could outweigh the feeling of helping someone and making someone happy. I want to continue that and share her blog with you guys. Go there and show her some love! We have been talking for the past few days and she is for sure one of the most down to earth people you will ever have a chance to meet/read.

The pointless life.

Monsters are real…

The scariest monsters that exist are the ones that lurk within our souls. They live inside all of us, and sometimes- they win. The strongest of people are the ones that have a command over their monsters.

I put this topic off a really long time and felt like there is no reason to blog about it. But the ”behind” story of this kept lingering around my brain and I had to get it out somehow. Because, all it gave me was many sleepless nights.

The truth is, I have seen this ”monster”. I have felt its presence. I have been touched by it. And eventually, it killed me. Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. The world is full of monsters with friendly faces.

Every monster you have met or will ever meet was once a…

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High School Dance (How to Raise a Good Kid #2) – Starbuck O’Dwyer



Kindle: $3.65
Paperback: $11.99


This book is the culmination of a project that began shortly after my wife and I welcomed our son to the world. Like most first-time fathers, I felt a new and profound sense of responsibility and immediately became determined to pass along every lesson I believed was important… First, I made a list of the events of my childhood that taught me the most, the ones that made the biggest impressions, both good and bad. This exercise forced me to revisit many harrowing experiences such as batting zero in little league baseball, my chronic addiction to a blanket, my disastrously unsuccessful try-out for the role of Winthrop in The Music Man, and the time I mooned the entire sixth grade. I wanted to let my son know whatever hardship he might face; his father had already been there, learned something of value and survived.


So, you have read the first book? Well if you have not yet, then be sure to check out the first part – How to Raise a Good Kid. Is the second one worth the read? Let us cover a few points and we will see where it stands.
To start off, in its core, it is nowhere near the first book. While the first book was filled with humor right off the first page, this one is not. It has occasional funny moments, but is not nearly as humorous as the first book. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows author’s mental growth and development between writing the first and the second book. And the pick of the stories shows that too.
Stories are basically as good as before, only a bit more serious and a bit more “grown up”. They still bring up values with which each individual should grow, so that is still present and still as good as before. You can find yourself in some of the stories and the book reaches to you in an improved way compared to the first one. In that sense, author nailed it and this is definitely a book for every child to read.
I am giving it 7 out of 10, just because of the lack of humor. I know it is hard to keep writing book after book and make it funny each and every time, but I have met this author through the first book in a comedian way, so to lose that feeling in the second book is kind of a let down.

Book recommendation: 7/10

Gibberish #8

Okay, I did not find any WiFi connection to post Gibberish on Monday, so you are getting one now. In other news, Czech Republic was a blast


But to return to our usual topics. I am considering moving the time frame in which the posts are published. I have checked the stats and most of you, who check out my site, come from USA. So I am thinking of changing it to something that might fit you all more. I am not sure yet.

My previous rant about reviews seemed to work. I must thank all the authors that responded and offered their books for free. Just as it is supposed to be. This whole situation is still a hell of a lot weird to me, so I am glad everything worked out. For the record, as this is the last time I will be talking about this, if you want me to read your book, buy it and do a review – I will not respond to your email. Call me a scumbag, I do not care.

That is all for today, I need to go catch some z’s since I came home from the trip yesterday at like midnight. As I promised, I will write about the trip, so that is what awaits you in the next week‘s Gibberish.

Do not forget to check in tomorrow, for your weekly book review.

– Viking

Gibberish #7

Because I messed up the scheduling and do not want to skip Gibberish, you are all getting it today. Yay.

I am going abroad next week so I will write all the stuff (for next week) probably today, so you guys will not miss a thing. I might wait out with Gibberish and report in from Prague. I will see how much time I will have. I will write something anyway and schedule it, just in case I will not have time on monday. I will definitely write a post related to the trip though.


I have received a few e-mails asking me for a review. I am always open for that, but do not expect me to buy your book and then review it. That is just not how this works. I do not have enough money to buy books from all of you. I will write this into the page description too and I hope it does the trick. I also hope you all understand this.

Anyways, see you soon, Prague


– Viking

Rant Club #1


To continue my rant from Monday, I have decided to read a random book, just to prove my point. I went to the Kindle store and chose between books with 4 starts or up. I went for the shortest one I could find (duh). To up it all up a notch, so you do not say that I chose the worst one, this book was written by a USA today bestselling author. So without further ado – Hush: Part 1 by Amanda Maxlyn.

So let us start from the beginning. We are placed in the middle of our protagonist, Emma, getting fired. Which is the dumbest thing ever, as you would think that she had some glamorous job and can not believe she just got fired. Nope, she worked as a waitress and even sucked at it. So no, nobody will feel compassion for her, even though the author probably wanted us to.

The story goes on, she returns home, where she lives with her sister Brooke and her friend Ali. After the conversation on her getting fired, they manage to convince her to go to a party. Now, we are already at 30% of the book. As you can see, you can easily skip all 30%, because you will not miss a god damn thing.

As you would expect, they go to the party and she meets a guy. Big fucking surprise, huh? Wait, it gets worse. The freaking sexy or whatever talk you want to call it is so cringy, it is indescribable. “His brown hair is windblown, his face freshly shaven, and when he gives me a full-on grin I almost buckle at the knees. Fuck. He has dimples.” Feel like throwing up? I certainly do. Oh my god, look at him, he has dimples! c3e

Now imagine this, he says that he broke up with his girlfriend today. The next minute they are both kissing on the balcony. I mean, this is so unrealistic that it is retarded. Then some more conversation and random events that nobody gives two shits about. And as soon as we hit the 65% of the book, we finally get to read some action! Now, this is written as you would expect it to be. Imagine yourself in a room with someone of opposite sex and there is some kissing and finger action involved. There you go, that is it. That is all that happens. Or does it?

Plot twist! In the middle of, what I would call foreplay, Trey (the guy) decides to book it. He knows why but Emma does not. No, it has nothing to do with hygiene of Emma’s private parts. As you would think, Emma can not believe it, so she just ends up going home. Waking up the next morning, she finds out that her sister broke up with her boyfriend, but he is coming over to visit today anyway. Now you can all probably see where this is going. The bell rings, Emma opens the door and… *drum roll* Tray stands in front of her.

And this is all that happens. In a book written by a bestselling author. If we go to technicalities. The book is poorly written, events that have no connection to the main plot or any kind of sub-plot are there just to stack up the pages. That being said, you can easily throw away half of the book. The other half has a “story” or rather beginning of one. Now I know this is book one, but who in their right mind would even want to read the second part. Word of advice to all you writers out there. This should be like porn. You do not return to watch the second part after you do your thing. So stop writing series of this crap. If we go forward, character development is non-existent. We do not even know any history of the characters. We do not even know why Emma suddenly decides to fuck a guy she met 5 minutes ago (she is not like that, according to her sister and Ali). We do not know anything.

The only thing I do know is that this book sucks. And the erotic part that everyone craves for is what ANYBODY could write by using their dirty mind. So if any of you want to become a bestselling author, you now know what to do.

How to Raise a Good Kid – Starbuck O’Dwyer (OLD REVIEW)


When I first got this book I was expecting it to be some sort of a guide on how to raise your child, but it proved to be much more than that.
The book is filled by short stories told by the author about his childhood and how he was raised. Now that may seem like a boring thing to read, but it is far from that. Most of the short stories are filled with humor that had me giggling like a little girl at the first (!) page. Not every story is told in a humorous way tho, some are quite serious. It all depends on what the topic or the main point of the story is and what the author is trying to tell and the issues he is trying to portray (racism for example). The stories are not your average “read one time and never again” type of stories. You will definitely find yourself returning to the book and reading that one story, that managed to sink in, again and again.
This book has it all, the good and the bad, and while it is not your typical guide on how to raise your children, you will see that every single story is basically the advice on how to do it. You will see that the values portrayed are something that you need to teach not only your children but also yourself. If we would all read and learn from stories like these, the world would be a much happier and friendlier place.
I must thank the author for sending me a review copy of this book. Thank you for this amazing book. The humor and the topic choices are excellent. This is one book that I will definitely hold on to because I feel like I am going to need it in the future.

Book recommendation: 9/10

Gibberish #6

So lately I have been buying some books off of Kindle. While doing that, I was looking for some free ones, because you never know what kind of a deal you can strike. Now, everyone who is familiar with the Kindle store will probably feel my pain. I present to you…


Pages upon pages of word porn (?) and romantic garbage. The worst thing about it is that this crap is listed in all freaking categories. You want to read some history? Nope, have some wannabe 50 shades ripoff. Want to just browse through books in literature and fiction? No can do. How about you read some love stories instead?

This shit is not literature. It is rubbish and it should not exist. You cannot just write your horny thoughts (or a love story you are craving for) into a few pages and call it a book.

Yet again, though, I feel like an idiot, because somehow this garbage attracts readers. I just cannot comprehend the stupidity of some people, but I must say it is a great idea, if you want to make money. If you as an author, deem yourself low enough, to put your name next to that, that is.

And now all those who read this crap (all three of you) will jump up and yell: “Hey, how dare you?! These books have depth and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!”

Or do I? I have sacrificed myself, so you do not have to. I have read through a book that falls in either (if not all) of these categories. Now, because I do not want to bore you into reading too much in one go, I will substitute this week’s article with a new show called Rant Club. And I will use it every time I start ranting about something in Gibberish and want to prove my point in more than a couple of paragraphs.

Catch you all on Wednesday at 1PM UTC+1.

– Viking