Absolutely amazing. This is the only description I have for you guys and girls. Thank you! Want to hear something even crazier? It has been ONLY 5 DAYS since I posted a thank you note for the (then) 200 followers. 5 DAYS. I believe this shows that you all like the direction in which this blog is heading and it gives me extra motivation to continue and bring you fresh and original content. With that said, I can, as a thank you, tell you that I will, in the near future, be publishing an interview with one of the authors (let the identity remain a mystery for now). That is something that I have never done or published before and I guarantee it will be an amazing read for all of you.

For the 300th time (see what I did there?)THANK YOU!

– Viking


Gibberish #10

Hey guys and girls (all three of you)!

First of all, welcome to Gibberish #10! This round number also signifies that it’s been 10 weeks since I started blogging. As you can see, we are nearing 200 followers on the blog and that is an immense following in such a short time. Thanks to everyone who decided to click that follow button!

In other news, I am leaving for Italy next week, which again means that there won’t really be a Gibberish and an article next week, but more of a combination of both. And the week after that, pictures from the trip, as you have seen it with my trip to Czech Republic (and actually liked them, thank you for that as well).

To finish off, as you are all aware from the “Currently reading” tab, I am reading Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume. I must thank the author already, for contacting me and offering me what seems to be a great read. More info in the review in couple of weeks or so.

As always, do not forget to check in tomorrow, for your weekly review.

– Viking

Gibberish #8

Okay, I did not find any WiFi connection to post Gibberish on Monday, so you are getting one now. In other news, Czech Republic was a blast


But to return to our usual topics. I am considering moving the time frame in which the posts are published. I have checked the stats and most of you, who check out my site, come from USA. So I am thinking of changing it to something that might fit you all more. I am not sure yet.

My previous rant about reviews seemed to work. I must thank all the authors that responded and offered their books for free. Just as it is supposed to be. This whole situation is still a hell of a lot weird to me, so I am glad everything worked out. For the record, as this is the last time I will be talking about this, if you want me to read your book, buy it and do a review – I will not respond to your email. Call me a scumbag, I do not care.

That is all for today, I need to go catch some z’s since I came home from the trip yesterday at like midnight. As I promised, I will write about the trip, so that is what awaits you in the next week‘s Gibberish.

Do not forget to check in tomorrow, for your weekly book review.

– Viking

100! Thank you!


I would have never believed I would be able to reach 100 followers in 2 weeks… This is incredible and I must thank each and every one of you, who decided to click that follow button. I will try my best to improve the content even more, so your experience with this blog will be as best as it can be. If any of you have any wishes on what you want me to write about, what kind of article you would like to see – please say so in the comments. I would love to write about stuff that interests you.

Do not forget to check back in on Monday at 1PM UTC+1, when I may or may not open a war front with one of the more popular but crappiest blogs on WordPress.

– Viking